Monday, August 11, 2014

MBA jokes

The countdown to Year 2 continues.

Q: What did 2 Chainz study in b school?
A: Supply CHAINZ

Q: What did the two economists talk about in the cold pool?
A: Shrinkage in the private sector.

This is the part I look forward to.
No, I'm... I'm being serious.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cold, Cruel Reality

It happened last night.

I was lounging on my couch, peacefully watching an episode of The Wire with the man after returning home from a weeknight friend dinner date, when a terrible realization disturbed my idyll.

School officially starts* in 10 days.

Sad beep is right, R2-D2.

I've been working out regularly, reading interesting/fun books, sleeping 8 hours, keeping up with my laundry (!!!) for the last month...

It's like I'm a normal, functioning adult.

But the party's over (almost.)

I'll miss you, summer.

Then I realized -- all is not lost. Week-long vacation starts in 14 days, my first class isn't for another 26 days, then graduation is in... I don't know, like 250 days or so.

It's going to be OK.

*Classes start on the 21st. Pre-coursework opens on the 15th. This is homework before classes even begin. I find this unjust.