Friday, April 20, 2012

Matey gets laid off

It's true.

Thursday, around 11:15 in the morning, right when I was warming up and making the "just one more thing before lunch" bargain with my rumbly tummy, I was called into an office with two "VP of Important" titles and the Something-or-Other of Employee Relations.

"Something, something, strategic reorganization, something, 15 positions, something, something, your position was among those determined to be eliminated."

I am now among the thousands of Americans who have been laid off. It's an interesting feeling.

I'm not worried yet, just drinking wine and making snacks for my best friend's bridal shower tomorrow. I have some options and a severance, which is better than most in this situation can claim.

Speaking of options.
I was offered a position at the organization. It's different than my current position and maybe not what I would choose.
I was offered the opportunity to apply for a position closely related to my current/former position, but it's not a sure thing.
Destruction is the beginning of creation. Adventure time.